Who is this girl?

Well hey there!

In an effort to answer tons of questions from friends, family and colleagues, I decided to start a blog on how I lost what I refer to as my “College 60”.   Disclaimer: I’m not a personal trainer. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not an extreme athlete. I’m just a 24 year-old girl who was sick of being chubby. 

So here you go, from the beginning.

How does a girl even gain SIXTY pounds? In four years. Without eating her family and loved ones. I think I’ve narrowed it down to three main factors: Taco Bell runs at 2am, The OC, and Margarita Mondays. Basically, it was a lot of fatty food, parties, and sedentary, albeit super fun, group activities. Splitting sleep between three hours per night with an afternoon nap that lasted about two hours was likely a valid culprit as well.

The crazy part is, I really did hit the gym on occasion and was really involved in sports. Wait, does hitting the gym to check out the swimmers and soccer team count? Oh, and you’re saying that sitting and drinking beer while watching people play sports does not actually count as being “involved in sports”? Mind blown. Though, to be fair, I was on a C League CHAMPION volleyball team! Shout out to the mighty Pteranodons.

Turning Point

I vividly remember the moment that I decided this insanity had to stop. It was not on a scale. It was not looking in the mirror. It was in a dressing room at The Limited, my all-time favorite store.  I couldn’t fit in the size 18 skirt I was trying on…even when I pulled it all the way up to my “natural waist”. It wasn’t even close. To be completely honest, I couldn’t even pull it on without my generous girth around the middle looking like I was stuffed into sausage casing. Sexy, right?

I immediately drove to the gym closest to my office and joined. I started to go religiously, jogging (ok, walking at a quick-ish pace) on the treadmill and looking at all the annoying spandex-clad gym rats thinking, “There’s no freaking way I will ever look like that.”

And you know what? For the next few months, there was not really a change. Talk about discouraging and depressing–I had made the decision to work hard and go sweat it out to change my body, and nothing was happening! What was I doing wrong?

Funny thing about the treadmill–it doesn’t do anything for you if you continue to do the same thing day in and day out. It’s boring. It doesn’t really burn any calories. You are forced to stare at really attractive and fit people while you’re not changing your body at all.

So here’s where the introduction is over and the blog begins.

This is where I really want to start sharing my discoveries on working out, eating, and my experience with everything from to personal trainers (the good, the bad, and the frustrating), to recovering from an injury and not losing all hope and all progress, to the joy of finishing my first race.  I can’t wait to share all the things I’ve learned along the way that have really worked, and the things that have really not worked.



Tell me what you think!

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