Yoga Update!


This morning was the first day of my new wake up with yoga and quiet my mind plan. Of course I got up and did it. It was the first day.

I started small with this 15-minute yoga workout. It was invigorating.  I absolutely loved what he said at the beginning:

Don’t anticipate. Just be in the moment.

Convinced I was going to have a very zen, calming experience, I sat in preparation to begin this life-altering yoga routine. The sound of the ocean in the background was very soothing and helped me to quiet my mind…for like the first 5 minutes. After that, I went back to my 9:30 meeting, next week’s agenda, and my boxing class this afternoon.

Why is it I can be so focused on a jab-cross-hook-fade-cross combo, but when I’m in downward dog my thoughts race? I think the activity is almost more zen and quiet for me than the sound of the ocean.

5 minutes wasn’t too bad though. Who knows, maybe I’ll get 10 minutes tomorrow!

Bonus: Songza has the coolest yoga mix ever. 


Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Yoga Update!

  1. This is very nice for morning. I like the way he didn’t get to the sun salutation for several minutes. I have found that can be difficult when it is the first position. Thanks!

  2. Small world department. I went to Songza and checked out some yoga sounds. Stumbled on to Steven Halpern who I met in London years ago. I still play the yoga tape I bought from him.

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