Run like the wind, Bullseye!


Friends—it’s been a while!! I bet you thought I didn’t care anymore.  I bet you thought I was breaking up with you. Well, you thought wrong. I wouldn’t do that, not when we have come this far!

So where has the silent wanderer been? CHICAGO! CALIFORNIA! I’ve been quite the traveller as of late, but have since returned to my old Kentucky home.  While it was a glorious adventure, it is wonderful to be back in the bluegrass.

 My trip to Chicago was of the business variety. I had a conference in Chicago, which I will now lovingly refer to as the land of way too much food. Have y’all been there? It’s insane! My boss, a former Chi-Town resident, informed me that there were over 6,000 dining options in Chicago proper. And I believe I made a valiant attempt to consume all food in all those restaurants on that trip. Ok, in all reality, we ate at three of them, but I think I’m still full.  I don’t know how anyone in that city is under 300 lbs.

 I then traveled onward to one of my favorite places in the world. Palm Springs, California!! Have you SEEN it there? Sunshine every day, beautiful people, gorgeous clothes, so many shoes… Anyway, it was a fabulous trip and I have a new fitness tip I want to share with everyone, inspired by that California sunshine.

 GO OUTSIDE.  That’s it. So simple, and yet, so inspiring!  Even if it’s a chilly day, the scent of fresh air and view of nature is enough to get your blood going. We went hiking while I was in California, and I was reminded of how the summer sunshine gives me that extra oomph to get up and go.

 I realize at the ripe old age of 24, I don’t have the lifetime of wisdom that some may, but I can still use this phrase: “When I was a kid.”  When I was a kid, we actually would go outside and play on our swing set or go sledding down the hill in our side yard.  Friends in the neighborhood would play flashlight tag after dark, and we would go jump in leaves during the fall.  As I’ve gotten older, and more tech-dependent, I’ve found that I’ve lost that heart to be outdoors and I’m ecstatic that summer is coming and I can get it back.

 Sometimes I worry that M’s and my kids someday won’t have any imagination or even know how to play.  I fear that they won’t know what it’s like to fly their Little Mermaid kite on a windy day, or explore the creek next to their house looking for buried treasure. 

 It’s also very hard to focus on life’s little problems when there’s a big world all around you.  There’s something truly invigorating for me to realize for the millionth time that I’m not the center of the world…really, M, I swear that I do get that. Even with our impending wedding (in 100 days!).

Anyway, if you find yourself in a lull, I encourage you to take your workout outside. Get off the treadmill and run around a new part of town you’d like to explore. Take your yoga to the beach or the park. Take a hike…literally. Why are you riding that stationary bike when you have a real one in your garage?

 So, it’s short and sweet but there it is—my plea with everyone to leave that stuffy gym, escape your confined living room, and get yourself some sunshine.




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