Still Dreamin’ of California

I mentioned I’m happy to be back, right? But I had to share photos from my trip. Ok, or you could just go to my Instagram page. But it was so pretty!! So here (sorry Facebook friends, this is probably the zillionth time you’ve seen these):


Just lookin’ out the window. Normal, right? Vacation just isn’t vacation without palm trees.



Gorgeous flowers at Easter brunch. I just love flowers! It’s making me so happy that it’s spring. Soon I’ll be able to put baskets and pots out on my porch!!




View partially up our hike. 




And yet again…view:)




You can see the trail we’d been hiking. It’s called Bump and Grind. The thirteen year old boy in me is still giggling.




Happy (late) Easter from yours truly (left), and my aunt (right).



5 thoughts on “Still Dreamin’ of California

    • I would have LOVED to have cool Chicago pics but unfortunately I was there on business and mostly saw the Westin hotel conference rooms. We did go into Second City! I rode by the bean in a cab… Not the same.

  1. We went to Santorini and Topo Gigio–both were awesome. I got quick pizza at the food court of the mall by the hotel…What I’m really sad I missed was the Picasso exhibit! One of these days I’ll go for pleasure.

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