Well, at least I wouldn’t skin a collie to make my backpack


Happy Monday! I’m writing from chilly Pennsylvania. As it is a Monday AND cold, I really felt the need for a boost, and nothing gets my heart racing like shopping.  It’s an addiction, y’all.

Adorable athletic wear is one of my favorite things in the world now. Athleta, Lululemon, and the VSX line at Victoria’s Secret are definitely bookmarked in my web browser. Did I always think these were great outfit options? 

As I think back to my beginning days of working out, I clearly remember my first few gym outfits.  You could find me rocking baggy old t-shirts and men’s basketball shorts.  The shorts were a remnant from my college days. Girls were encouraged to hide all evidence of being female, so post-college I maintained my habit of dressing like a lesbian basketball player.  The positive part of this, for me, was that I could hide my sizable waistline from the world. I suppose I could have worn a burka as well.

You know what I discovered while wearing this ensemble? I was hot, uncomfortable, and my legs and arms chafed. It was awful, adding to the abundant reasons I hated to work out. So here are some to-dos and not-to-dos I wish I would have known at the beginning.


What Not To Wear: Gym Edition

That oversized heavy cotton t-shirt you got for free at that college event you went to because you could get a free t-shirt is not ideal.   I have at least ten of these. In college, t-shirts were a big draw for me. However, have found that the seams rub you wrong and when you are crazy sweaty, it just hangs and sticks. Nasty. 

Victoria’s Secret PINK sweats (or those Juicy ones–do people still buy those?) are fabulous for lounging. They are not so fabulous for running, lifting, jumping, pushing, pulling, TRX-ing, rowing…you get the picture. I promise you that they will fall down constantly.  The last thing you want to do is have to hold your pants up with one hand while you’re trying to accomplish anything. Don’t let your clothes be an obstacle for your workout. 

Chuck Taylors were not meant for being active. Neither were Keds. Anything with a flat footbed and no arch support is a big no-no.

When you start losing weight, don’t convince yourself that those shorts that are now too big will be fine. It’s the same ending as the Victoria’s Secret sweatpants.  While you’re at it, check your seams to make sure they don’t cause chafing or rub you weird.

Well what is left? 

I have found new workout gear to be a huge motivator! So while you’re motivating yourself to work out, make sure you’re investing in some stuff you’re really going to use. Here is what works for me: 

Invest in a great pair of trainers/sneakers/kicks/whatever the kids are calling them these days—they are worth every penny! Your feet with thank you. So will your ego—without quality shoes, you could slip and slide when you’re cross training. Ankles will love this support too, and not twist around everywhere.

I’m obsessed with racerback tanks made of synthetic fabrics that wick you dry. I sweat like a railroad worker on a southern July afternoon when I go to the gym, so I need something that can keep up. UnderArmour, VSX, and Athleta all carry great choices and have some of my favorites. Just check the fabric to make sure it’s wicking!

These shorts are the absolute best piece of clothing I’ve ever tried on.  They are anti-muffin top, keep you covered with their shorts within shorts, and you can move so well in them! Anything that fits you and has flat seams are the bomb. If they stay up and don’t show booty out the top or bottom, they are great in my book.

Girl, get yourself a high-quality supportive sports bra. I know that Target one is only $14 and comes in a really cute hot pink color, but if you’re serious about getting in shape, you’ll wear that thing out. You don’t want your bounce to cause pain and be an annoyance. Again, clothing should not be an obstacle.

Oh, and honey, do yourself a favor and get a headband for those bangs.  Best money you ever spent.